When should children learn guitar

When should children learn guitar

Let children learn guitar on their interests and their age does not cause problems counterproductive in learning guitar

Currently, there are many parents wanted their children to school for the guitar, but the wonders here that are how old your baby is newly learned guitar, learn guitar too may soon affect health she does not? Which guitar for kids should be bought?

To reply to all the questions parents ask themselves now go through each section to give your baby the difficulties encountered when learning guitar is what? The skills she needs to learn the guitar? Time for children to learn guitar is reasonable?

The difficulties when babies learn guitar:

* Physically:

When learning guitar children need to use a hand with more power to press notes, move chords. Convert on Guitar chords need nimble fingers, and many children can’t meet the requirements of the skills until eight or nine years old.

The problem followed you feel if the guitar fret-board is large and heavyweight so she needs to be big enough hand size and strength to lift the guitar. Therefore, parents should choose what kind of herd size, half the normal Guitar. These guitars will help your child feel comfortable even those with the smallest hands.

* Will and passion

Learning guitar requires very high endurance exercise. Because the first time they learn a very sore arm that made her very depressed. Not only that want to learn the guitar, but they must also spend at least 1 hour a day to practice. Therefore, parents should arrange a suitable time for the baby. Not only that absolutely do not force children to learn the guitar if they do not like it because no little passion becomes lag and boring in matters of the little guitar.

Forcing children to learn guitar when children are not ready will not bring the desired result. I was not fortunate enough to learn guitar from childhood but had several instances where I know there are some parents for the baby to go to school because he was mesmerizing guitar game. The guitar can be very exciting but once the baby was not like, plus the new school encountered difficulties pile technique and music theory to make her even more discouraged. Therefore he will leave school after a few days the guitar or if forced then try to get 1 month. You make sure that the baby really likes to learn guitar or you’ll spend a lot of time and money without having any results.

Another case is that the baby really wants to learn the guitar but then gave up because many parents do not know the psychology and physical child. Often send children to learn guitar with adults therefore these places are not equipped for these little reasonable guitars, oversized babies. So be furnished him a reasonable guitar and find a place for children to teach young guitar with a general learning environment with peers and with little effort by both.

When is reasonable for children to learn guitar:

  • 6 years of age is the most suitable time for children to get acquainted and learn guitar. But there are a few exceptions, but the experience and the time playing some piano lessons at the center, I saw almost all children under 6 years old are too young to officially learn guitar.
  • Parents are the main source of motivation to learn guitar than she likes.
  • Teaching children songs that FAQ preferred because of the overhead you can’t afford to teach young guitar then motivate children by “I really like the song” Three candles “I can herd for there is no parent song?” It’s a great motivation for him.
  • Put on the baby’s own guitar baby, matching baby. It is better to give the baby as a gift rather than a burden to her. She will cherish love and keeping the guitar better.
  • Comment positively on the efforts of the baby. Although children are not good, do not give him a rebuke lightly and fun learning guitar.

Here’s how to choose a guitar for the baby:

Bring her to buy with your guitar, choose plants that little baby loves. Let her become familiar with the guitar as on the board, press the note file to view it comforting. Should choose a guitar with equal about 1/2 to 2/3 normal size. The best choice is a guitar which has nylon cord, small neck for children to get acquainted with guitar and limiting paining their hand.

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